Mikayla Butchart is an editor and illustrator living in San Francisco, California.

Mikayla grew up in Santa Rosa, California, in the North Bay Area, and relocated to the East Bay and then San Francisco, where she began her career in book publishing. She worked for several years as a managing editor before deciding to become a freelancer in order to split her time between editing for clients such as Chronicle Books, Penguin, and McSweeney's, among other publishers, and making art. As an illustrator she has contributed artwork to magazines, weekly newspaper covers, film posters, and album covers. She has also done several commissioned portraits and dabbles in comics, embroidery, quilting, and soft sculpture.

While she is mostly self-taught, Mikayla has taken several courses at the California College of Art in San Francisco and recently completed a residency in illustration at the School of Visual Art in New York.

Contact her: mikayla (dot) butchart (at) gmail (dot) com