The Great White North diorama

I made this small sculptural painting by assembling an ink painting of a Canadian winter scene in layers within a small box. I slipped a light behind one of the layers to give the house a warm interior glow, which can be turned on and off from the exterior of the box. This was a Christmas gift for my hoser best friend. He's pretty stoked.

{ the painting broken into layers in Photoshop }


Illustrated friends + family gift tags

It's like I don't have anything better to do during the busiest week of the year. (But these were a hit. Even Maggie changed her profile picture on Facebook, even though I painted her face covered in cake to accompany the cookbook I illustrated for her for Christmas.)


Family trees

One of my closest childhood friends recently had a baby girl, so in her honor the felt trees I've been making for years now find themselves in the family way, too. I've been experimenting with packaging, but I'm not sure you can buy these mesh bags for quantities less than one hundred thousand and anywhere but direct from China. Anyway, you can find individual trees of different sizes here in my Etsy shop!


Thank you for visiting us at Shop Party!

Thank you for visiting us at Shop Party yesterday! We couldn't have been more pleased with the turnout. James nearly sold out of his charming wooden landscapes, but the rest are available online in my Etsy shop. And I've updated the rest of my online shelves with the greeting cards, totes, prints, and felt trees I have left over, so please stop by! (It's much warmer there than it was in the Round Barn this weekend. I've never been so very cold.)


Sea Poppy stuffed pillows

I collaborated with my printer friend James Williams to screenprint my illustration of a ship in a bottle on these stuffed pillows I whipped up. It's a pretty cozy and tongue-and-cheek way to class up your captain's quarters, if I say so myself. (The nautical flags on the jib sail spell MKLA, of course.)

These will be available at Shop Party tomorrow (Sunday 12/8, 11-4, Deturk Round Barn, 819 Donahue in Santa Rosa), and thereafter in my Etsy Shop!


Beech bags!

Beech bags! These 100% black cotton canvas totes feature screenprints of my pink beech botanical study. They'll be available starting this weekend! Same Shop Party time, same Shop Party channel. Deturk Round Barn (819 Donahue) Santa Rosa 12/8, 11-4.


Gift tags + stickers (+ 100th blog post!)

Another Shop Party sneak peek: Gift pretty all year round! I'll have packs of all-occasion gift tags and 2" circle stickers for sale this Sunday 12/8, 11am-4pm @ Shop Party, Deturk Round Barn (819 Donahue) in Santa Rosa. Below is my favorite one of the set (because they always know before they even open it):

(Also: This is my 100th blog post! If I wasn't so busy working you up into a lather about Shop Party I'd do something to commemorate this joyous occasion. Oh well! Hope to see you on Sunday!)

(Psst. These are now available in my Etsy shop!)


2014 greeting cards

More things I'll have to offer at Shop Party on Sunday 12/8 (11am-4pm) in Santa Rosa at the Deturk Round Barn! I'm of the opinion that you can send New Year's cards at least through March, so best stock up! (These will be available in my Etsy shop starting next week.)


New botanical notecards

I'm getting ready for Shop Party, the annual holiday craft fair in my hometown of Santa Rosa, CA, that I mentioned in my last post. Here's a sneak peak at my botanical notecards (sets of 6) available exclusively at Shop Party next Sunday 12/8 at the Deturk Round Barn (819 Donahue) in Santa Rosa! The original studies were done in watercolor with black ink backgrounds, and the printed cards do a great job of retaining the paintings' vibrancy and texture. These come with 100% recycled kraft paper envelopes and are bundled together with baker's twine. Starting next week, they'll be available in my Etsy shop!

Shop Party 2013!

I'm really excited to be participating in this year's Shop Party craft fair in Santa Rosa! Last year (my first) took place at the charming red brick Arlene Francis Center in Railroad Square, and I gushed all about what an overwhelmingly positive experience that was here and shared a super-snappy video of last year's event here. This year's fair should be even better: It's taking place at the historic DeTurk Round Barn (b. 1891!), the West End Farmer's Market will be bustling outside concurrently, proceeds go to the educational public arts nonprofit ArtStart (which my amazing mom co-founded and for which I worked as a muralist for 3 years), I have a bunch of new wares I'm excited about (notecards, totes, and lots of other little etc.--I'll share those soon!), annnnd I'll be sharing my table with my best friend and collaborator, artist James Williams (who makes the. most. awesome. stuff--I'll share more about him soon!). Stay tuned for more info, and I hope to see you there!


2013 Holiday Sale!

I have some new items coming in to my shop next week and I must make room for them! Today only, get 20% off any purchase from my shop with coupon code MKLA2013. Happy Cyber Monday.