Calligraphy class!

{I am your fanciest, most elderly friend.}
I just finished my second class of a two-session calligraphy workshop at Makeshift Society with the lovely Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls, and I'm so charmed! Hot tea and cookies and meditative letter practicing made for a very pleasant evening. I've always really liked hand-lettering, but my handwriting essentially comes in two styles: caps lock and original flavor. With some practice, I may be able to add calligraphy to my repertoire. After this class, I now have a ton of respect for people who calligraph professionally--or even just adeptly--and a new favorite nib pen. And I'm sure that learning how to draw capital B's totally backward is good for my brain, somehow.

{left: Me, in the corner, looking severe and focused. right: Maybelle!
Photo by Celeste Noche for Makeshift Society.}

{Me trying white ink on a kraft paper bag. Photo by Maybelle.}