Graduation Announcement Design

{detail of the front}

A lovely lady I know just graduated from UC Berkeley in December, and I had the opportunity to design these sweet graduation announcements for her. Here is a detail from the front--among the design elements she requested, she wanted her little Boston terrier Dottie, her lifelong companion, to be featured.

I hand-lettered the back in watercolor based on the Barocca Monograms and Bookeyed fonts from Tart Workshop. I tried to talk her out of a portrait because I thought it was too much for our time constraints and budget, but I ended up doing a little one of her anyway. Portraits really are what I'm best at and are so fun, so it was a great addition. Besides, look how cute she is! Anyway, I know how proud she must be of this achievement. I know firsthand how top-notch Berkeley is and how rigorous the English department, being a card-carrying UCB English major myself. (Now she can grow up to be an artist.) Congrats, Danica!

{detail of the back}