Shop Party! Thank You!

Photo by Cleo Malone

A big thank-you to everyone who came and visited me at Shop Party yesterday (or even supported from a distance by "liking" or "hearting" my photos on Facebook or Instagram). I'd had about 40 minutes of sleep the night before and I would have bargained my way out of making the drive to Santa Rosa that morning if I could, but you know what? Shop Party was awesome. I was so heartened by all the visitors who lingered over all the offerings at my table and by all the sales I made. This has been the first year I've really tried to make a go of being an illustrator, and this was my first craft show of any kind. I got into illustration and artmaking because I like drawing or whatever but specifically because my favorite genre is the gift: I love making things to make people happy (pathologists would probably call this a constant need for approval). So as a fledgling illustrator who hasn't shown much in the past, sitting at my first craft fair, talking to craft-shoppers face-to-face, and selling a bunch of probable gifts I'd made was nothing short of amazing. And important. Because sometimes you're not sleeping very much and you're making a huge mess of the entire apartment for weeks and Wells Fargo is sending you pie charts of your spending habits and you're like, Dear god, 47% of my income on felt?! and the threat looms that you'll hang it up or scale back the art phase, oh well, it was worth a shot. But then you sell out of all your Good Dog totes and you suddenly want to write a big gushy paragraph about the experience. So thanks, Shop Partiers. Truly.

Oh, and a HUGE thank-you to those who helped me prepare and those who helped me get through the day. You know who you are. You're the best.

My lovely assistant and me.

The Sea Poppy (a stuffed ship in a bottle), tiny stuffed volcanoes, and totes!

Archival art prints, felt forest trees, New Years and Good Dog notecard
sets, and Hella Hello postcards!

* * *
My Etsy shop is a little depleted, but if you're interested in making a purchase, there's still plenty of stuff left! I recommend you order by December 19, at the latest, to get things before Christmas. Otherwise, you know what is a good time for belated gifts? All the time.