Happy New Year!

The first day of 2012, I made some resolutions:

  1. To give up all vices (except for sugar. Sugar, you're my only friend, and not for long).
  2. To be an artist.
  3. To be the best friend and girlfriend I could be.
  4. To rock.

Now, looking back on the year on the last day of 2012, I'm pretty confident this was the best year ever. Here's just a few of the things that 2012 brought that I'm grateful for/stoked about:

So, even though my computer of five years just died on Friday and I lost a bunch of files and had to go buy a new laptop, and even though I have eight books to edit this week, you were pretty awesome, 2012, and I am so stoked to start 2013. Apparently resolutions work, so I'm going to have a hundred this year. Some things I hope to look forward to: 
  1. Launching of my Cabin Fajitas comic. A comic a week! (If I tell you here, I have to do it, right?)
  2. Art/research road trip to Canada. I've got a story to tell, and it's in Alberta.
  3. Another illustration residency!
  4. A new, new website!
  5. More collaborations!
  6. And 95 other less interesting resolutions like flossing, being better about backing up my files (weep), getting French doors for my studio so I stop living in it, going to the library regularly, and apparently making you read a lot of lists, dear reader (check!). 
So, make some resolutions! Resolve to get awesome or do whatever. I'll be your sponsor. And may your new year be healthy, inspiring, and super rocking. GET JAZZED MMXIII!

Oh, also, these are selling like hot cakes, but I still have New Year's card sets for sale (featuring the above image). See more pictures of them here and purchase them here. There's also a print of this image in my shop!