2013 New Year's cards now available!

Every year I promise myself I will send New Year's cards--two years ago I even populated my mailing list and got halfway through a painting for the year of the rabbit before I got distracted and aborted the endeavor. But this year will be different. I am thirty now. I will disappoint no one. I have some lovely cards and envelopes all ready to write and send, and no excuses.

It seems only fitting that I adapted one of my ongoing (unfinished) projects, the night garden numbers I've been using to count down the days for my 30 to 30 project, for these lovely 2013 New Year's cards. I just got them back from the printer, and they are so vibrant and sturdy and satiny! I made some for you, too: they're now available for sale in my shop in packs of eight (or less or more, if you're feeling specific about your needs) with envelopes, while supplies last! May all the cards you send and receive this holiday season look like this one. They will look so good on your fake mantle:

The 2013 image is also available as an 8x10 print in the shop if for some good reason (marriage, new baby, Arrested Development season 4) you want to commemorate the year forever. Soon there will be more cards in the shop! For all occasions! And no one will make you send them!