Prints now for sale!

I just opened a new Etsy shop where several of my archival art prints are now on sale for all your home-decorating and gift-giving needs! I know what you're thinking: Finally, I can afford a Mikayla Butchart piece. Yes. You're so fancy now. And see how nice this one looks in your manly cabin, for example?

I will be adding more prints regularly, and soon cards and other items, so be sure to check back often, and I'll try to post here when something new is up in the shop. If there is something you've seen here or on my website that you'd like to have available as a print, let me know, and I'll do my best to add it!

Visit the shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/mikaylabutchart


Vernal Equinox + more print products!

© Mikayla Butchart
Happy fall (as of yesterday)! I am mocking up a bunch of new stickers and other promo print products, and this new sticker design seemed appropriate to herald the onset of autumn (or the first day of San Francisco summer). I'm taking advantage of the 25% off sale they're having over at Moo, where I get my business cards printed. The sale goes through 11:59 PST tonight, so you have about seven hours to fulfill all your sticker/business card/postcards needs at a bargain. And if you use this link, you'll get 10% off your first order: http://www.moo.com/share/d2wf9s.


Ray Bradbury

© Mikayla Butchart
I'm making my best friend a book bag embroidered with all his favorite things for his birthday, mostly so I can stop looking at the dingy tote that says "Kevin" on it that he carries around, even though that's not his name. (I posted another sneak peek of a portion of it here.) It's taking forever and I won't even tell you how long ago his birthday was (suffice it to say he's an Aries). And, because he reads my blog, he already knows what his present is, so the pressure to finish it quickly is off and now I'm just having fun with it and trying to make it as full of things as possible. I really like how Ray Bradbury turned out. Stop reading this if you are James.