Sock Buffalo

© Mikayla Butchart
Here are some things I know about buffalo: they have beards and front pants and they're shaped like socks. This (a) makes me want to snuggle them (but because they're also full of muscles and horns and danger, instead I just visit the bison paddock in Golden Gate Park quite a bit and use them in my art a lot) and (b) makes them well suited to sock sculpture.

I made this sock buffalo out of new hiking socks and old towels based on my own design. Admittedly I made him a long while ago, but the towels that give him his wooliness also make him unravelly, so he's fresh from a tune-up. If I had my way, the actual species would sit like dogs, too.

Around here he's known as Mark of the Beasts. Here's a better look at his button nostrils and the forest where he dwells.

© Mikayla Butchart