gouache painting of a coin purse, still life, mikayla butchart, watercolor
© Mikayla Butchart

The difficulty in being a freelancer, at least in my industries, is that you're not paid right away; you have to wait patiently for your invoices to process through the great accounting machine we're all beholden to while you slowly starve to death. So while I was worrying about the rent that is due this coming weekend and calculating how many days in a row I can have hot cocoa for dinner, I found some forgotten-about, folded-up bills in my coin purse, and it has my affection for the afternoon. Of course I spent all of this modest windfall right away taking my friends out for coffee, so I've been eyeing other inanimate objects in my house, hoping one will come forward with some mislaid cash in exchange for me painting its portrait. I'm looking at you, couch cushions!