SVA Residency Open Studio Exhibition

Here are some photos of the final show! It was super fun and there was a great turnout, but having only one hour of sleep after a week of all-nighters took it to a surreal level. 

Photo by SVA
© Mikayla Butchart
Location and reportage at the NYMOMA sculpture garden!

© Mikayla Butchart 
One of our assignments for our portfolio and critique class was to design watches. Because of their merchandisey feel it felt strange to include these with some of my other pieces, but they were popular. You hear that, heir to the Swatch family fortune? 

© Mikayla Butchart
His and hers hirsute watches!

Here are all the illustration residents (well, except for three). I think we are all running on fumes in this photo.
(Back row, left to right): Lorena Alvarez Gomez, Gabriella Ballin, me*, Lucinda Schrieber, Wilson Borja, Diego Prestes, Richard Winnett
(Front row, left to right): Emilia Casana, Anand Mistry* (standing), Joan X. Vazquez, Vero Gatti, Jeromy Velasco*, Hyejin Yoo, Daniela Arias, Hemant Kumar
Missing: Garima Gupta, Anna Lazareva, Ivana Zdravkovic
* = the only Americans. Crazy!

Fellow resident Diego Prestes designed this lovely zine featuring all the illustrators.
Here's my spread.


She Demons

she demons, movie poster, gouache, illustration, mikayla butchart, b movie, poster, horror movie, 1950s
© Mikayla Butchart
We're having a thunder and lightning storm in New York this morning, which means my drawing and painting class will probably not go to the Bronx Zoo today, but it's the perfect weather for posting the latest project from my illustration residency at the School of Visual Arts. We reimagined film posters for midcentury B movies. I actually watched She Demons (1958) from start to finish, but all you need to know about this movie is this:

You will never ever guess who modeled as the marooned female lead and all the she-demon shadows for this painting, so I will leave it a mystery.

© Mikayla Butchart

Vewy vewy scawy!


No sleep till open studios

I worked in the studio until sunrise this morning with Lucinda, an Australian animator who's another resident in the illustration program at SVA. In New York, that's 5:26 am, apparently a very lovely, lavender-hued hour to walk home in Manhattan. Our final show/open studios are this coming Thursday, and we are in the home stretch. Only five/six/sevenish pieces to finish, depending on how ambitious I'm feeling.

Here are the details about the show, for those of you in New York on June 28.
Can you read this? I hate this invitation, which was originally 3 separate gifs for no apparent reason except for the sake of being a nightmare:

Thursday 6/28
6-9 pm
335 West 16 Street


Animal Regrets

© Mikayla Butchart
This is a little one-nighter that I completed for another project at my illustration residency at SVA. As an editorial exercise, we illustrated an abridged version of this New York Times article, about the regrets that animals have. 


Ex Libris

© Mikayla Butchart
Here is the first thing I made at my illustration residency at SVA. Each of us created an ex libris label based on some personal family legacy or story. If your great-grandmother looked like this and was the All-Round Canadian Cowgirl of 1912 at the first Calgary Stampede, would you pick anything else?:

© Mikayla Butchart
For you sticklers out there, she did not actually ride buffalo (to my knowledge), but she lived in Alberta (and her first name was Elberta), and she took this photo somewhere near her home sometime probably around 1910,

© Mikayla Butchart

so I wanted to make use of bison, which were really common to the Canadian plains and so cool looking besides, and the wild rose, which is the provincial flower (and so fitting).  

© Mikayla Butchart

A revision page. A splotch where I dropped my paintbrush in the original painting became a cricket;
a lasso that looks less "like a coat hanger" than its original iteration.

© Mikayla Butchart

Experimenting with patterns for the saddle blanket. I was considering adding blue,
but it ended up looking like a piece about patriotism.

The gray portions were painted with FW acrylic ink, which looks and handles like watercolor but stays vibrant and waterproof when it dries. I've really been enjoying it. This piece underwent a million revisions in the last week while I was simultaneously working on four other pieces. I am so tired! I will sleep in July.