Happy Easter!

© Mikayla Butchart
Here's an Easter Rabbit for ya. I actually started this painting over a year ago to make into New Year's cards for 2011, which was the year of the rabbit, but about 98% of the way through I was so bored with it (it is a painting of a beige car on beige paper, after all) that I stopped. So if you were on my list of people to get New Year's cards in 2011 from me, sorry, it wasn't you; it was the rabbit. Every time I opened the closet in my studio for the last year and a half, there it was, shaming me, so I decided to finish it up for Easter and finally let this stupid pun hit the open road. Once I gave it some headlights, it had more personality, and now I think it sort of looks like me.

Anyway, happy Easter! Here is what a typical holiday can be like with the Butcharts:

 My dad hid the eggs this year. 

 On closer inspection, it says "Hi." He says it's for the jets flying overhead. 

Then we microwaved a Peep. Right before it got all shrivelly, it was gigantic.

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