Falling Uphill update

I've had a chance to see an early cut of the film and get a lot more photos of the actors, so I'm working out some refined sketch ideas. The title text is totally placeholder but the amount of space that the credit block will eventually take up is one of the things that makes this composition complicated. There's a montage of the two main characters driving around the city in one of those yellow go-carts tourists rent, so I finally have a good way to show them from behind! The buildings in the color sketch are very Bernal Heights; I was worried they were too small/single-family-home to be recognizable as San Francisco buildings, so I experimented with zooming in and depicting rooftops and the upper stories of the two- and three-story apartment buildings with bay windows you often see in the Alamo Square/Nopa neighborhoods. The director thinks the color option "feels like the right one," and I think he's right. I like how the figures fill up the bottom of the color version's frame, but we'll need to zoom out a bit to show more of the go-cart so it is recognizable. Onward!

© Mikayla Butchart
© Mikayla Butchart

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