Spring cleaning

© Mikayla Butchart
I am spring cleaning and I found this old drawing of mine in a drawer. It was in the margin of something really tedious. May it also cheer you up across time and space.



© Mikayla Butchart

I taught myself how to embroider last week and I've been experimenting. The final product will be a menagerie of monsters and meaningful things, but embroidery takes way longer than I was anticipating and I'm kind of sick of spending hours each evening staring at meaningful things, even if they do have jaunty Beatle boots. I'm going to put this project away for a while, but here are some book bogeymen I stitched last night. I wonder if this is some sort of subconscious statement about my career as an editor.


Happy Easter!

© Mikayla Butchart
Here's an Easter Rabbit for ya. I actually started this painting over a year ago to make into New Year's cards for 2011, which was the year of the rabbit, but about 98% of the way through I was so bored with it (it is a painting of a beige car on beige paper, after all) that I stopped. So if you were on my list of people to get New Year's cards in 2011 from me, sorry, it wasn't you; it was the rabbit. Every time I opened the closet in my studio for the last year and a half, there it was, shaming me, so I decided to finish it up for Easter and finally let this stupid pun hit the open road. Once I gave it some headlights, it had more personality, and now I think it sort of looks like me.

Anyway, happy Easter! Here is what a typical holiday can be like with the Butcharts:

 My dad hid the eggs this year. 

 On closer inspection, it says "Hi." He says it's for the jets flying overhead. 

Then we microwaved a Peep. Right before it got all shrivelly, it was gigantic.


Falling Uphill update: Vimeo trailer splash

I love this cropped iteration of the Falling Uphill poster for the film trailer on Vimeo. The poster appears pretty small everywhere online, so the details don't get a lot of love. Also, the producer who shared this link described the movie as his "love letter to San Francisco," which I love. (Today's secret lazy writer's challenge was to use the word "love" four times in three sentences.)


Illustration residency @ School of Visual Arts

Well, I just submitted my application for a residency in illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City this June. I've spent the past several weeks on it and I'm so hopeful and exhausted. Maira Kalman works there. And Jillian Tamaki! And Sam Weber! If I am not accepted, I will remind myself that it is very hot in New York in June and then make myself some hot cocoa and cozy down for another summer in San Francisco. And then maybe have a little lie-down/cry-down.

Update 4.04.12:
I was accepted! I got the email this morning. I honestly could have sweated it a little longer so that the wait would feel proportional to the build-up, but I'll take it. New York! In June! I haven't been away from the Bay Area for that long in a decade, which is also about how long it's been since I've done something so exciting. For the occasion, here is a paint tester sheet that looks sort of stoked; let's call it Jubilation in Orange. I'm totally going to wilt in New York this summer.