Best of the North Bay Bohemian 2012

I'm working on another Bohemian cover; this time for their Best of 2012 issue. Editor Gabe suggested "something along the lines of an old Russian propaganda poster, with a figure looking boldly 'into the future.'" It was very short notice, but my sister modeled for me like a hero, on her birthday no less. I of course expressed my gratitude by playing the part of the condescending dowager countess, insisting that she try not to "look like a trollop" as she shielded her eyes against her bright horizons; "loose fingers, loose women," I reminded her. I found this very amusing. Also, there's nothing like making your little sister stand on a chair in front of the bathroom holding a broom for half an hour at her own birthday barbecue. Happy birthday. You're welcome.

Update 3.2.12

{In progress}

I am recovering from food poisoning and lost a couple of days, but luckily I am doing a lot of this digitally instead of trying to paint the whole thing. Coloring an ink painting on the computer takes almost as many hours as painting, but because I am sitting upright in front of a monitor instead of hunched over a painting, I don't need to take as many breaks and it doesn't take as many days to complete it in the long run. I have chosen a sort of apolitical turquoise so it doesn't look overtly communist, but I can't decide if that makes it look too innocuous (maybe even Dutch? Heavens.) and less victorious. At least it's so easy to change in the computer. May we never have to decide!

Update 3.5.12

OK, red.

Update 3.6.12

The Bohemian made stickers from the cover art to award to the winners in the Best of categories. Melanie is going to be like a Yelp sticker for the North Bay for the next year. She will be everywhere, like a little virus. 

{Photo credit: the lovely Justine, whose yarn shop Cast Away 
just won best  knit shop the second year in a row.}

Update 3.21.12

The Best of the North Bay 2012 issue came out today! I can't wait to see a hard copy!

{From the table of contents: Editor Gabe is hilarious. I don't know why I have a dead hand in this photo.}

She really is everywhere: