Stuffed volcano

 © Mikayla Butchart 
A few years ago, my sister saw a stuffed volcano I made even more years ago for my old roommate and dear friend Nick based on drawings he used to do, and she thought it was cute and said she would pay me to make her one. So I remembered that forever and made her one of her own as a Christmas present after I'd saved up enough grapefruit netting. Cha-ching! Best sister ever. Here it is enjoying a quiet afternoon in the parlor before the drive up to Santa Rosa for Christmas.


The Carter Family

© Mikayla Butchart
This was something I made for my Everything But Editorial illustration extension class at CCA taught by Caitlin Kuhwald (recommended!; she's amazing!). The assignment was to design an album cover, and because I've done so many of these for my friends' bands the last few years, I thought I'd try something different for this assignment: not conceptual, not contemporary, and with some ladies for a change. Because I only had a week, I stylized everything quite a bit so I wouldn't have to worry about time-consuming rendering, and I quite like the result.

I could have happily researched for this piece for the rest of my life. Listening to The Best of the Carter Family on the old Fisher-Price record player while watching their old Grand Ol' Opry appearances and sketching western swing dresses, cowboy boot and shirt embellishments, quilting patterns, and Anita's weird ponytail tube? Yes, please! Also, look how cute June Carter Cash is!

If you haven't heard Anita Carter yodeling as a six-year-old, you don't know what you're missing, but until I can find that, this duet with Hank Williams is pretty glorious. Also, watch this! Best. June Carter is hilarious. I could go on (as I said, I could happily get lost in the Carter Family rabbit hole forever), but I think you get it.