Miranda July in person!

Miranda July came to speak and be interviewed at the Herbst Theater tonight as part of the City Arts & Lectures series "On Arts." After the event, while everyone else had her sign their copies of No One Belongs Here More Than You, I patiently waited in line for an hour to have her sign the North Bay Bohemian issue that features my portrait of her on its cover, the one dog-eared, stained copy I have. It literally looks like I ate fish and chips off of it. I apologized for the spot between her eyes that makes it look as though she has a unibrow. She is gracious and sweet and tiny and pregnant, apparently, and I am the most awkward person on earth. I feel like such a person in a line in those circumstances.
Being awkward. Nothing to see here.
But watch the crowd approach!

But now I have this. Squee! I want to make shirts that
just say
Thank you Mikayla, in her handwriting.
No one belongs here more than you, Bayle.

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