Cooking World Cooking: Oktoberfest

© Mikayla Butchart

Here's another commemorative illustration for a Cooking World Cooking dinner party. Just last weekend a lot of us saw Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb in Washington Square Park, so an Oktoberfest homage to the movie seemed appropriate. The blue and white diamond pattern on the globe is the "lozenge" (as opposed to striped) version of the Bavarian flag (I learn a lot when I make these; thanks, Wikipedia). I think the font I used is even called Strangelove. Of course, all these layers of significance were lost on those among us who hadn't seen the movie recently, so if that's you, too, here's the original movie poster:

Coloring digitally worked a little better this time with these flat shapes, and these Cooking World Cooking illustrations have been good practice for me. Another good takeaway lesson from the evening was to mind your wurst/bier ratios so you don't make a dummkopf of yourself. I'm sure I'll get it next time.

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