Cooking World Cooking: Shrimp + Grits

© Mikayla Butchart
My old friend Chris (a.k.a. Chrobott, Chrissy, the Waffleman), who is a talented chef and wafflemaker, throws a little dinner party every once in a while with a handful of gals who live across the street from him. They cook a cuisine from a different region of the world every time and call the whole shebang Cooking World Cooking. What a delight. He asked me to come up with a little commemorative illustration for Shrimp 'n' Grits night. Because it was a quickie, I experimented with just painting the outlines in ink and coloring it in the computer. I think I need to experiment with this method a little more, but researching the origins and culture of the dish was fun. Go ahead and give yourself two gold stars if you get the cultural references!

Update: Caitlin, Cooking World Cooking mostess hostess, has started framing these! Oh, she flatters me!
Photo credit: the "lvoely" Bayle

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