Leditor to the editor!

I was mentioned in a letter to the editor in this week's issue of the Bohemian, in regards to my cover portrait of Miranda July in last week's issue. What a treat! Here it is:
Miranda, Miranda
Thanks to Mikayla Butchart for her great painting of Miranda July. I have always been a fan of Miranda July, but now I'm a big fan of Miranda and Mikayla! Leilani Clark's interview was great, too ('Floating in the Future,' August 24)—an informed and nuanced profile of one of my favorite artists. Thank you.
Aileen Robinson
Thanks, Aileen. You can also read it and other Bohemian content here


Cooking World Cooking: Tacos de Puerco

© Mikayla Butchart
Here's another commemorative illustration I did for my dinner party friends. After the frustration I had with coloring the illustration digitally last time, I went the opposite direction with this one and used something really familiar, watercolor. Aaahhh. It's been so long since I've painted with it; it's so fast, so fresh. Gouache is still my favorite, but it takes forever to build up and move around sometimes. Watercolor just seemed like such a good listener after months of working on a gigantic gouache poster

This time, Cooking World Cooking was held in a friend's fancy condo in SoMA. My dinner date for the evening and crafter extraordinaire Bayle brought big tissue paper flowers for decorations, and a couple that Chris knows from the farmers' market brought plum wine they made themselves. We made use of the big glassed-in kitchen on the roof terrace and played our DIY version of Apples to Apples on the big white leather couches there. It was all very fancé, and after dinner some of the group made use of the roof hot tub, but I left early to go to a hardcore show in the Mission. It was a hard night to dress for, let me tell you.


Miranda July North Bay Bohemian cover

Miranda July, the Future, North Bay Bohemian

The new Bohemian is out, with my portrait of Miranda July on the cover! They asked that I submit the artwork with just a plain background; the sunburst effect was their addition. I stared at this painting for so long while it was still in process that this background will take some getting used to. Oh, sad cat.

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Falling Uphill update

© Mikayla Butchart

The poster is all done! It is so satisfying to be finished! It is now visible on IMDB and on the Falling Uphill website, where you can also watch the official trailer. (Look at all those beautiful fonts everywhere! I wonder who picked them!)

Update 3.12.12

Falling Uphill has been accepted to the United Film Festival Los Angeles. Yay them!

Update 3.29.12

Falling Uphill has been accepted to Seattle's True Independent Film Festival. Congrats to them!


Cooking World Cooking: Shrimp + Grits

© Mikayla Butchart
My old friend Chris (a.k.a. Chrobott, Chrissy, the Waffleman), who is a talented chef and wafflemaker, throws a little dinner party every once in a while with a handful of gals who live across the street from him. They cook a cuisine from a different region of the world every time and call the whole shebang Cooking World Cooking. What a delight. He asked me to come up with a little commemorative illustration for Shrimp 'n' Grits night. Because it was a quickie, I experimented with just painting the outlines in ink and coloring it in the computer. I think I need to experiment with this method a little more, but researching the origins and culture of the dish was fun. Go ahead and give yourself two gold stars if you get the cultural references!

Update: Caitlin, Cooking World Cooking mostess hostess, has started framing these! Oh, she flatters me!
Photo credit: the "lvoely" Bayle


Highlighter Milos

© Mikayla Butchart

You know what doesn't scan very well? Old highlighter.