Falling Uphill update

© Mikayla Butchart
A valuable lesson I've learned from my illustration instructor at CCA is that if your illustration is going to be digitized anyway, there's no reason to paint it all on one page, especially if the size at which it would be comfortable to paint each element varies dramatically, as it does here. Of course, there's no single original when you're done, but breaking this up into pieces was a lifesaver for me. I blew the tiny houses up so they were a comfortable size to paint and shrunk that big gray street down to something gouache and a watercolor brush could cover in this lifetime. The go-cart is a fourth separate piece not pictured here, salvaged from the gigantic painting I started when I did attempt to paint this all to scale on one page. I had to prop my dining room table up on chairs to make an "easel" large enough to accommodate it, which became known as MEGADESK and looked so dangerous that my friends took to checking up on me to ensure I hadn't fallen prey to its bloodthirsty wobbliness. This solution is much saner, plus it's portable. 

Last week best pal James and I took some art projects up to his dad's house in Petaluma and called it a residency. He has just started being represented by Hang Art gallery in the city. Stalk him here

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