Wayne Coyne in person!

I accompanied Editor Gabe of the North Bay Bohemian and his daughter to the Harmony Festival, where Gabe took pictures for the paper and we met Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, who performed tonight. But first, lots of waiting backstage.

{My favorite kid, hippies, and Flaming Lips stage dancer costumes.}
We finally found him in the wings of the stage while another band was playing. I brought a print of the portrait to give him (made in a rush, and beautifully, by Electric Works in SF), and he signed the Bohemian for us. He asked what the rabbits were about, and I said sometimes he has rabbits dance on stage. After sitting for hours backstage among racks and racks of Wizard of Oz–themed costumes, I realized in hindsight that the costumes change, and they're not always rabbits. I also realized I was telling Wayne Coyne about live Flaming Lips shows. I will seize any opportunity to be awkward. He thanked me for making him look so wise and dapper. 

{One for him, one for me.}
{Wayne's giant hands, at rest.}
{An Electric Works print of my painting. Wayne got one, too, that I signed for him.}

{We meant for Wayne to sign this for the North Bay Bohemian staff, but oh well.}

And then it was time for the show, and I got to know Gabe's daughter quite a bit while Gabe took photos closer to the stage. She is one of my new favorite people. You feel very purposeful when you're with a two-year-old. Who am I? I am this person, holding this kid. And hot dog, what a spectacle! Confetti cannons, giant balloons, fog machines, the giant hamster ball, the giant hands, all the glitter. Between songs, Wayne would talk to the crowd, and at one point (I don't remember the context), he said "I like rabbits..." I just know my name was on the tip of his tongue. 

{I mentioned it was Harmony Festival, right?}

Update 6.15.11:
{Bohemian, June 15-21, 2011 issue}

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