Tsar Comics

I've been taking a Comics & Graphic Novels class this spring, and it's so much fun! We get to do terrifying things like draw on a timer and then pass our drawing to the next person! It's been all-around great though, and I've learned so much in a short period of time, including how heavily I rely on reference and how I've never had to draw a facial expression before, ever. Also, maybe this would have been easier if I hadn't used a paintbrush? Anyway, this is my first complete comic, so . . . ta-da! Our fantastic instructor Meredith Leich passed out traditional Japanese haikus and we had to incorporate them into the series we've been working on. So here, in a moment of complete wish-fulfillment, historical-mega-babe Tsar Nicholas II woos me with a haiku by Shiki.


For Portland

My best friend is moving to Portland. To see him off, I got him some warm socks and painted up this little scene to clarify. I don't know why I encourage him.


The Great White North diorama

I made this small sculptural painting by assembling an ink painting of a Canadian winter scene in layers within a small box. I slipped a light behind one of the layers to give the house a warm interior glow, which can be turned on and off from the exterior of the box. This was a Christmas gift for my hoser best friend. He's pretty stoked.

{ the painting broken into layers in Photoshop }


Illustrated friends + family gift tags

It's like I don't have anything better to do during the busiest week of the year. (But these were a hit. Even Maggie changed her profile picture on Facebook, even though I painted her face covered in cake to accompany the cookbook I illustrated for her for Christmas.)


Family trees

One of my closest childhood friends recently had a baby girl, so in her honor the felt trees I've been making for years now find themselves in the family way, too. I've been experimenting with packaging, but I'm not sure you can buy these mesh bags for quantities less than one hundred thousand and anywhere but direct from China. Anyway, you can find individual trees of different sizes here in my Etsy shop!